Ok peeps, there's one week until the start of the 2022 Second Guess Jam!

Want a short, easy to pick up solo SRD? Look no further!


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Well, how's it going out there Mastodon world? I'm going to try to get you back in my routine.

Man, I kinda slacked off on being here for a while.

On the plus side, it does look like my third KS is going to fund!

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One week left to get the Small Press Fantasy bundle of TTRPGs.

Reasons to consider:
-It is gigantic
-Some games feel new, some games feel familiar
-Different genres, from cozy to horror to yugioh


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Just watched a video charting the Stephen King expanded universe and how it all connects to The Dark Tower. And here I thought the Cosmere connections were deep.

So folks. What kind of rates do you see people charging for layout?

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Looks like Backerkit is swooping in to scoop up disaffected Kickstarter users. backerkit.com/crowdfunding

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#94: Rules-Lite Game Type, by @chaibypost t.co/BNjbyn7naC

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Every Fediverse server is independently owned and run. This means every server makes its own rules about what you're allowed to do there (for example, pretty much all servers forbid spam).

On Mastodon, you can see your own server's rules by going to your server's website and clicking on the "Learn More" link.

If you see someone breaking the rules, it's important to report them so that the server admins can take action. When you see a rule-breaking post, click on "..." and then "Report", then follow the instructions.

It doesn't matter if the rule-breaker is from your server or another server, if you can see their post you can report it.

The reporting process sends a message to your server's admin, but it also optionally lets you send an anonymous report to the rule-breaker's server admin too. This can be important as the ruler-breaker's server admin has the power to suspend or even close the rule-breaker's account.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Moderation #Safety #Fediverse

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Shadow and Bone: Destinies announced, a new narrative RPG based on the Netflix show #GeekedWeek #SummerGameFest

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Since Mastodon has no equivalent of the Circles of Google+, we need other methods of finding like-minded people.

Here is a Google Sheet of users interested in #ttrpg . Add your own username if you want to connect to other tabletop role-playing gamers - and boost the list so that others can find it!

#dnd #pathfinder #callofcthulhu #pnpde

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