Does anyone know if there's a dice roller bot in the Fediverse? Thinking it might be fun to do some type of play by post game here.

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@kennon nice, but I'd rather use Discord at that point :)

@CZ totally understandable. Probably a more accessible medium, but I thought a dice roller bot might let me do some public solo journaling plays or something.

I mean, I can do that without, but it seemed fun to have the bot interaction.

@kennon i think that's a great idea for solo journaling plays! Hopefully it can be possible soon. :)
What would you be playing?

@CZ Oh I'm thinking one of my Second Guess Games, most likely. Short length is probably good for Play By Post here.

Possibly Hard Case?

@kennon That sounds great! Not certain how possible it is, but never say never!

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