Anyone interested in doing a little testing of Lord of Terror?

It's a Second Guess System based Diablo inspired dungeon crawler. SGS generally does bare bones single page solo journaling games, but with each release, I've expanded that scope- from duo games to rudimentary character creation and more.

LoT is the biggest departure with three different classes with xp/level based progression and skills all on the same journaling base.!AuLWCsSRV172gYxH8R

@kennon This was my first time ever hearing about a "journaling game" before so I decided to give it a try and I died during the 3rd Moment (I blame my d20 for killing me 🤣).

I liked it though, going to definitely give it another go because I love the simplicity and openness.

1 question, when it says "mark one of the Advancements listed" does that mean the next one in order, or do I select whichever one of the options I choose?

Thanks again for introducing me to solo RPGs!

@KuJoe you can mark whichever of the advancements that you'd like.

And yeah... I do worry that it's at a bit more of a Dark Souls lethality than Diablo at the moment, so that's one of the things I want to test!

@kennon So attempt number 2 was the opposite experience. I just hit level 4 and still on Depth 1.

A Crusader with the first 2 advancements is a bit OP and can level up pretty quickly since 10 of the 16 enemies can be killed without taking damage at Depth 1 (excluding Features).

Also, the enemy spots for 15 and 17 are empty, unsure if that's by design.


@KuJoe Hmm... Just double checked and I'm only turning up 7 that the Crusader should currently defeat with no damage at Depth 1. Still may be too high a number, though.

Class balance is going to be a tricky beast for this!

Is Crusader what you played on both runs? The fast death on the first one makes me think it was a different class.

@kennon I played Crusader on both runs.

And you are correct, I miscounted the Succubus as one of the 8.

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