Ok peeps, there's one week until the start of the 2022 Second Guess Jam!

Want a short, easy to pick up solo SRD? Look no further!


So folks. What kind of rates do you see people charging for layout?

A one toot :

What's it got in it's pockets?

Well, now that I'm back in the States and on Mastodon, I'm thinking about working on an SRD for Party First and the associated Tension Engine.

Any thoughts/tips/pointers on writing SRDs?

Anyone interested in doing a little testing of Lord of Terror?

It's a Second Guess System based Diablo inspired dungeon crawler. SGS generally does bare bones single page solo journaling games, but with each release, I've expanded that scope- from duo games to rudimentary character creation and more.

LoT is the biggest departure with three different classes with xp/level based progression and skills all on the same journaling base.


Had an idea for a rework of the Tension Engine from Party First as a Kids on Bikes style game while I was out running yesterday.

The big idea at the moment is that the kids could spend meta currency on adults who could come in to solve problems for them as a Deus Ex Machina.

In that case, do players just create two characters, basically? Their kid and the adult?

My gut is that it's more interesting to have the adults created by the whole table. Maybe one less than there are players?

A friend reached out to invite me to play in an Old Gods of Appalachia one shot using the Dread system and I am pumped.

Time to bring to the Mastodon realm as well!

Today I'd like to hype my Second Guess System. It's an SRD for creating single page solo games like Hard Case, which I played earlier this week.

In a nutshell, it's Wretched and Alone inspired system, but trimmed down to the bare minimum to fit on a single page. Uses a d6 and a d20.

There are quite a few games available on Itch using it and there will be another Jam later this summer.


To entertain myself today, I think I'll be doing a playthrough of my Second Guess game, Hard Case, here on Mastodon. It's a solo journaling game with a classic detective noir theme.

Check out this thread to follow along!


Does anyone know if there's a dice roller bot in the Fediverse? Thinking it might be fun to do some type of play by post game here.

thought. So some discussion here the other day let me to thinking about how, if at all, to apply some of my old English major thinking. One of my favorite things to discuss is the framing narrative device, and that RPG discussion got me to wondering about them in the context of games.

Is the rulebook the framing narrative for the game? Is each GM crafting a framing narrative at the table? Multiple layers are potentially possible.

Is it also possible to play with that in some way?

And by reflex, I'm putting links in responses, which is almost certainly not the way to do it here.

Anyway, if you enjoy with a depressing bent of despair inspired by Edgar Allen Poe, check out probably my most popular game - One White Eye!


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So folks, how about we do a little on Mastodon? Hopefully it will feel a little more fun and a little less grindy here.

As always, my only rule is to be good to each other.

It's weird. Mastodon already feels so much more intimate of a setting that I'm excited to participate and chat with folks. And even *gasp* have opinions on things!


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