Ok peeps, there's one week until the start of the 2022 Second Guess Jam!

Want a short, easy to pick up solo SRD? Look no further!


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Well, how's it going out there Mastodon world? I'm going to try to get you back in my routine.

Man, I kinda slacked off on being here for a while.

On the plus side, it does look like my third KS is going to fund!

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RT @SprintingOwl
One week left to get the Small Press Fantasy bundle of TTRPGs.

Reasons to consider:
-It is gigantic
-Some games feel new, some games feel familiar
-Different genres, from cozy to horror to yugioh


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Just watched a video charting the Stephen King expanded universe and how it all connects to The Dark Tower. And here I thought the Cosmere connections were deep.

So folks. What kind of rates do you see people charging for layout?

@KuJoe interesting! What's the update bring to the table?

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Looks like Backerkit is swooping in to scoop up disaffected Kickstarter users. backerkit.com/crowdfunding

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@KuJoe I was really hoping for Steam Link to work and it did at least cast to the TV ok, but couldn't get the Steam Controller to read as a controller. It only wanted to work like a touchpad, which did not seem like a fun way to play.

@KuJoe yeah, sadly it doesn't seem to detect my PC controller, which is a bummer since it is an Xbox controller, but it's off brand.

On mobile, I've mainly just been logging in long enough to get the daily free pack from the store and the first kill rewards for each of my characters.

@DarthChillash I'm digging it pretty well. It's pretty in your face with begging for money, but giving in hasn't felt mandatory yet.

@KuJoe partly PC with keyboard/mouse partly mobile.

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