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I'm the Community Manager for Project NISEI, and I'm looking for a home for us on the Fediverse.

NISEI is a volunteer, non-profit fan collective dedicated to continuing the cyberpunk card game #Netrunner after its previous corporate publishers officially called it quits four years ago. We loved this game too much to let it die, so we banded together and formed an organization to keep it going.

We are legally incorporated as a non-profit, so while we sell products, not a single person is making a dime off of that. All the money we make goes back into operations and funding our next set. We're also a bunch of queer lefties with a strong radical bent—after all, we refused to accept a big board game corporation's cancellation of our favorite game and just kept it going on our own—so nothing we make is pay-gated; every one of our sets is available as a free print-and-play on our website.

We genuinely aren't aiming to make profit here, we just want to share this awesome game with people.

So. The point of this post:

I'm looking for a server with a #boardgames, #cyberpunk, or #anarchist focus and a strong Code of Conduct dedicated to combating harassment, where NISEI could set up an account. We'd definitely like to use our account on this server to spread the word about our sets and news, but we'd also just like to talk about Netrunner and cyberpunk with people who share those interests.

If you'd like to see our current social media usage on a similar site, check out our account on the birdsite (@ProjectNISEI).

If you think your server would be a good match for us, please let me know. While we'll likely keep using the birdsite and Facebook, I would personally love us to be a little more present here on the Fediverse, 'cause I think Fedi peeps are the kind of people who would love Netrunner.


Watched that 10 minute video from the Jan 6th Committee. Now I feel sick.

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I've been looking for 5E compatible sci-fi rules. So far I've found Esper Genesis, Hyperlanes, and Dark Matter. Are there others? Which one do you think is the best? Why? I appreciate any help you can provide!
#DnD #SciFi

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If you're posting website links anywhere on Mastodon, including in messages or on your profile, remember to include https:// at the start.

If you don't include https://, the link will not be clickable.

#MastoTIps #Mastodon #FediTips

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It saddens me when I find a great personal blog that has been abandoned only to find that the person has moved all their publishing onto a social media platform. Go back to your blog! Syndicate your posts!

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Thra & Away—A review of The Dark Crystal Adventure Game, based on Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal, published by River Horse Press.

#reviewsfromrlyeh #rpgreview #rpgreviews #ttrpg #UKGE #UKGE2022 #TTRPGS

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Why has it taken this long for this idea to get attention in mainstream press. We needed messaging app boundaries like status messages A DECADE AGO. Maybe more.

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Like to watch?

Check out our latest podcast episode on YouTube!

Ep. 173: Baker's Dozen where we provide short reviews on 13 games Sean got to play for the first time over the May two-four weekend as well as a detailed review of Drinking Quest Six Pack.

Ope. I am downloading Diablo Immortal.

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If you're using the FediFollows directory, please note that some categories have more than one page of suggestions! You may be missing a lot of suggestions if you don't look at the next pages.

You can see the next page by clicking on "Show older" at the bottom of the page.

To see the previous page, click "Show newer".

See the attached image for an example. (This is taken from the "Art" category

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Timon and Pumbaa are like, what if Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dad?

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Hey, RPG & mystery heads (as well as M of Ragged Feathers completionists):

The KS campaign for Brindlewood Bay is winding down so if you think an RPG that's like "Murder She Wrote" meets Lovecraft sounds fun, make sure to get a pledge in.

I'm writing a little mystery for it featuring race horses, a witch, and /murder!/

Mystery-solving grannies! Cozy crimes and a weird occult story hidden in the background!

Even back home in the Ozarks here, we have some pretty nifty sights.

A one toot :

What's it got in it's pockets?

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Aside from NPC portraits, you'll get to see different environment "panels" that will pop onto your screen!

There are around ~200 of these! 🥲 And number 68 will shock you! (or maybe not...)

Go check out Hatchwell on Steam! 😁

#gamedev #pixelart #arpg #indiegame #gamemaker #indiedev #zeldalike

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RT @capacle
Hi, there!

Have you reviewed a game on itch today?

Make an indie creator happy, it's free!

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The incoherent trash bin of the abomination will haunt you for an eternity.

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Coming soon: Dead Ends, a necromantic adventure for fifth level #DnD players

I'm super stoked about this one finally releasing. I've worked on it for about a year now!

It's had two rounds of play testing, three rounds of proofreading. It's finally ready.

#ttrpg #rpg

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Personal piece I did just for fun and trying some tools. "Kometenreiter" (Comet Rider)
#art #space #sf #sciencefiction #illustration

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